Made in America:

Made in America: proves that good ole American ingenuity can take you places. Ricky Sanders wanted a better way to transport his toolbox at the races. He put his toolbox on pneumatic tires and soon others wanted them, too. This led to the birth of, which builds all their products, such as this 30″ medium pitbox, right in Georgia. (For more on the company, read “ The Story Behind the Carts”.)


“We send them all over the world,” said Sanders. “Motorsports is our biggest market. We also do a lot of stuff outside of motorsports, including for disaster relief, military, industrial, maintenance, and sports. Many college teams have our boxes for football.”

The 30″ medium pitbox not only represents an American Dream success story, but also provides an opportunity for the Saturday-night racer looking for an edge on their competition. It saves time in the pits, so you can spend more time finding speed on the track.

The pitbox features a durable, yet lightweight, all-aluminum construction. It measures 30″ wide by 60″ long by 50″ tall. Within those confines, you have plenty of usable space to store the tools you need.


It contains eight drawers on roller bearings. Next to it you have a compartment with door access from either side. Behind the drawers, you have yet another compartment. Between the wheels on each side, yes, another compartment. On the end, one more compartment for aerosol cans and other items like it. Lastly, it holds one nitrogen bottle as well.

A tough, spray-on liner covers the top surface, which provides ample working space, and the nitrogen bottle area. offers 30″ medium pitbox in black and the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. Custom colors are also available. It retails for $5,500. Financing is available, with monthly payments as low as $151.


Stockbridge, Georgia

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