Mountain Motor Complex: The Track Comeback Story

Mountain Motor Complex: The Track Comeback Story

The July 2022 floods devastated eastern Kentucky, and it ravaged Mountain Motor Complex. The floods led to the track’s closure soon thereafter. However, enter motorcross promoter Donnie Adams. Adams, a Letcher County, Kentucky native, wanted to bring back the facility, not only for motocross but also for drag racing (it has a dragstrip, too) and dirt-track racing. He took over the track in May 2023 and it will be hosting the American All-Star Series Presented by PPM Racing Products on Thursday, July 4.

“When I got it last year, I had to pretty much completely redo everything,” said Adams. “The infrastructure was kind of there, but it needed a lot of love. I had to deal with a lot of silt. The flood took out a couple of buildings with bathrooms in it, so I had to build those back.”

While Adams may be new to dirt-track racing, he’s not a rookie promoter by any means. His Moto-Vated Sports company has promoted motorcross events in the Southeast, with his tracks winning awards.

“We’re getting a good car count,” Adams said of Mountain Motor Complex. “I had Rusty Schlenk from Michigan come down and a bunch of people from out of state giving me an opportunity to earn their business. Now, I’m trying get more spectators. That will come with due time.”

Adams said the track’s baggage from past years may be deterring some from coming, but he’s urging both racers and fans to make the trip to Whitesburg, Kentucky.

“Give me a chance, man — I’ll try to earn your business,” said Adams. “I’ve put a lot of work into the track and changed a lot of things. I’m trying to change people’s outlook on the facility as a whole.”

If you want a reason to check out Mountain Motor Complex, the July 4 show featuring the American All-Star Series Presented by PPM Racing Products might be a good one. Otherwise, they have full schedule of racing ahead in 2024.

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