Quicksilver Racing Oil Performs and Protects

Quicksilver Racing Oil Performs and Protects

Quicksilver recently introduced its new Quicksilver racing oil. Best known for its line of sealed racing engines, the 25W-40 synthetic blend oil suits many racing engines.


The company formulated the oil to increase horsepower, maintain peak performance, and increase reliability. The oil reduces thermal breakdown under the extreme rpm, temperatures, and loads found in oval-track racing.

“Because of the high-quality base stock, Quicksilver 25W-40 Synthetic Blend Performance Racing Oil can be specified for most crate engines,” said Quicksilver’s Mike Horak. “Some engine builders may recommend 20W-50 weight oil because of the tendency of some oil’s viscosity to rapidly break down. Quicksilver oils don’t break down as readily, allowing for cooler oil temperatures to deliver reliable horsepower.”

Mercury Marine, the company behind Quicksilver, understands performance. Carl Kiekhaefer, founder of Mercury Marine, fielded several cars in what would become the NASCAR Cup Series. His innovative team won 52 races at the echelon of stock car racing. Later on, the company manufactured engines for the Chevrolet Corvette in the early 1990s.


The Quicksilver Performance Racing Oil has a calculated viscosity index of 108. ASTM D445 viscosity rates are 15.9 at 100°C and 152.4 at 40°C. It meets or exceeds API ratings SM, SL, and SJ.

Quicksilver recommends the oil for its complete line of sealed engines. (For more on Quicksilver’s engines, read “Quicksilver: 1-Year Warranty for its Race Engines”.)

It also suits other engines, too — four-, six-, and eight-cylinder applications. The oil’s excellent high-temperature properties offers both wear and corrosion protection, especially for motorsports.


In addition, Quicksilver said the Quicksilver 25W-40 Synthetic Blend Performance Racing Oil contains 860 ppm of zinc.

“There is more than plenty of zinc in Quicksilver oil, even for the aficionados,” Horak said.

Quicksilver recommends pairing the oil with a Quicksilver filter for the best performance. Their line of filters include options for small-block Chevrolets (part No. 35-8M0154751 for the short style, part No. 35-8M0154761 for tall) and Ford and Chrysler applications (part No. 35-8M0154760).

You can purchase Quicksilver 25W-40 Performance Racing Oil through your local Mercury Marine dealer or through Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing. Its suggested retail is $11 per quart.

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