PitGrill from Pitboxes.com: Useful Tool to Fuel Your Crew

PitGrill from Pitboxes.com: Useful Tool to Fuel Your Crew

The PitGrill from Pitboxes.com ensures that the most vital component of your race operation stays well-fueled — your crew. Just as with your race car, your crew won’t accomplish much on an empty stomach.

“The PitGrill started back in the old ASA days, when you had to unload the rig and move everything into the infield and keep the rig parked outside the track,” said Pitboxes.com’s Ricky Sanders. “So, we took a grill, put it on a pitbox-style base, so it’s on something solid and easy to move. When you’re away from the rig for a long day over the course of a long weekend, it’s nice to have the PitGrill around.”

Sure, you could use a regular grill, but this one’s built for racing. It features an all-aluminum construction that’s built tough. The PitGrill rides on pneumatic tires that permits it to easily roll through the pits, whether it’s paved or dirt.

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The specialty pitbox comes with a stainless steel or a black grill. It comes with plenty of stainless steel counterspace so that the team’s chef can prepare the finest of cuisine, whether that’s hamburgers, hot dogs, or something a bit more exotic. Stainless steel shelves on the sides create 36 inches of countertop, and then fold in neatly when not in use.

Pitboxes.com prides itself on offering “mobilized organization” — and the PitGrill doesn’t disappoint. The cabinets below provide additional space for food, gas, utensils, and other supplies.

The PitGrill measures 24″ wide by 48″ long by 54″ tall. The company builds it, and all of its products, right in the USA, in the state of Georgia.

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Pitboxes.com offers the PitGrill pitbox in black and the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. Custom colors are also available. It retails for $2,800. Financing is available, with monthly payments as low as $77.

Stockbridge, Georgia

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