Mountain Motor Speedway: New Promoters Behind the Isom Track

Mountain Motor Speedway: New Promoters Behind the Isom Track

When the previous promoter stepped away, two promoters immediately rose to the occasion of taking over Mountain Motor Speedway in Isom, Kentucky. Enter longtime racer Darren Slone and late model car owner Rick Noble. The two look to bring the track back to its former glory, and they have a big event on Friday, July 5, for the American All-Star Seres Presented by PPM Racing Products.

How quick of a turnaround was it between the different regimes? The previous promoter left on Friday, June 7. Slone and Noble signed the lease on Sunday, June 9. Their first race was Friday, June 14.

“The racetrack is about 15 minutes from me,” says Slone, of Hindman, Kentucky. “But it’s two hours to your [next] closest track. We wanted to give people here something to do and a place to race.”

Mountain Motor Speedway has been a revolving door of promoters over the course of its history. Slone hopes to break that trend and also change the reputation of the track.

“We’re making this a family environment,” Slone says. “We’ve cut out the fighting that Isom is known for — we’re not going to tolerate it. We want people to know that they can bring out their families and have a great time. We’re working with vendors to get stuff in for the kids. And people have been leaving at a decent hour — our races have been done by 11 p.m. every night.”

It seems to be working. Slone said crowds have been steadily increasing week by week.

Another objective for Slone has been bringing in big shows to Mountain Motor Speedway. This Friday, July 5, is a good example of that, with the American All-Star Series Presented by PPM Racing Products paying a visit. It’s part of a doubleheader weekend for the tour in Kentucky, with the second race taking place on Saturday, July 6, at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside.

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