Adam White: What Made Keeping a Streak Going Worthwhile

Adam White: What Made Keeping a Streak Going Worthwhile

It almost looked like the streak Adam White held would come to an end. Fortunately, he kept it going, earning a 602 sportsman win this past weekend at Delaware International Speedway. It meant he has won at least one feature for five consecutive years at the Delmar dirt track.

“It is really important to me to keep the momentum going,” White, of Laurel, Delaware, said. “I set out at the start of each season with a goal to win at Delaware. Every year the competition makes it tougher. I kept telling myself If I don’t win, it will be the first time in five years. I got it done.”

Midway through the feature, White found himself in the midst of a three-way battle.

“There was a tussle for the lead for two laps,” said White. “Jordn Justice and Brandon Watkins fought hard before I could pull ahead of them.”

One variable this year involved switching chassis. White went with a used 2021 car from Bicknell Racing Products.

“I was actually surprised how comfortable I was in a Bicknell and how quickly I adapted to the chassis,” White said. “The cars drive well even when they are not at their best on setup. It’s made life easier for us.”

At BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven, Pennsylvania, Adam White is in contention for the track championship, with 180 points over second place. The track’s final race takes place on November 11.

However, what made this season even more great? Sharing victory lane with his father, Michael White; wife, Whitney; and mother, Angela, who is now cancer-free.

(For more on Angela, read “Michael White: Happy to Have a Reason to Celebrate.”)

“It is a blessing to race with my son,” Michael White said. “It’s a bigger blessing that Angela is cancer-free and with us here tonight.”