Bo Partain: A Week to Remember

Bo Partain: A Week to Remember

Bo Partain (75c) didn’t win a race on the Midwest Madness Tour, but he did score the stock car championship. Then, he towed 19 hours, from Stuart International Speedway in Iowa to Deuce of Clubs Thunder Speedway in Arizona, where he took home two feature victories.

“It was a week to be proud of,” Partain, of Casa Grande, Arizona, said. “One of the biggest highlights of my career was to make winning this championship happen.”

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On his trip to the Midwest, Partain brought his crewman Scott White and their daughters, Brooke Partain and Mia Scott.

“It was our father-daughter week,” said Partain. “Our daughters were happy to be part of the accomplishment. The support from my wife, Tina, and daughter Summer, who stayed back in Arizona, is also a big part of our success.”

Consistency was the key to Partain’s championship. He claimed a second, two thirds, a fourth, and a seventh to secure the title.

“Some may say it would be hard to win a championship without a feature win, but we were right there in the mix every night,” Partain said. “When you are racing with such a high caliber of drivers — like the Murtys, Kelly Shryock, Mike Nichols and so many more — it makes every night’s feature tough to win. There were five different feature winners in five nights.”

When Bo Partain returned to his home state, he got his feature victories. Two of them, to be exact. Add to that a series championship, and Partain had quite the week.

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“A big reason to travel is the knowledge gained,” said Partain. “I race with some great drivers in Arizona, but I have to work harder to be faster when I travel to the Midwest to race.”