SFI 16.5 Restraint Systems: New from Crow

SFI 16.5 Restraint Systems: New from Crow

Crow Safety Gear recently debuted two new SFI 16.5 restraint systems. One features a latch-and-link buckle, the other a kam lock.

The test for the SFI 16.5 rating applies load of 11,000 lb. over a body block and the five-point driver restraint system. The harness must not break under 7,000 lbs of load on the lap, shoulder, and anti-submarine straps. Additional tests include a roller adjuster micro-slip test and a webbing abrasion test. The 16.5 rating is the highest standard for driver restraint systems.

They come only in black. Each system includes a 52″ lap belt. All adjustment points have tension springs. The dog bones shoulder straps taper from 3″ wide to 2″ to accommodate head-and-neck restraint systems. Crow Safety Gear offers bolt-in and wraparound versions for both styles of SFI 16.5 harness.

The SFI 16.5 restraint systems with a kam lock sell for $228.64. The latch-and-link version retails for $140.93.

In its 25th year of operation, Crow Safety Gear is still operated by Fred and DeEtte Crow. Fred is a past SFI board member, a racer, and an engine builder. DeEtte used to be a publisher for Petersen. Their son, Matt Krick, and his wife, Maria, are part of the Crow family that work at their namesake company. That’s why their motto is, “When you call, you speak with a Crow.”

Crow Safety Gear, a U.S. veteran-owned and -operated company, manufactures its SFI 16.5 driver restraint systems proudly in the USA. In addition to their driver restraints, they also offer suits, shoes, gloves, underwear, junior race gear, arm restraints, helmet skirts, windows nets, and other safety gear.

Crow Safety Gear
North Las Vegas, Nevada

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