Made in America: Fytron Software

Made in America: Fytron Software

Unlike some of the software sourced from Asia, the creators of Fytron Software, David Arce and Vaso Vasich, developed it here in the U.S., in California. The two worked with Arce’s father, Dave Arce, to build the software.


“As the son of a machine shop owner and engine builder, I knew there was a need to help machine shops make more money,” David Arce said. “My dad has the industry knowledge in understanding what problems need to be addressed for machine shops to be successful. Vaso and I are software engineers — coders — and we developed Fytron Software.”

Fytron Software customers rave about their U.S.-based customer service. (See “Fytron Software Powers Mullins Race Engines’ Business”.)

“We talk to all of our customers,” said Arce. “They have a direct line to us, and all of their suggestions, needs, and feedback come directly to us. We develop what the customer needs with our knowledge of coding.”


Based on customer input, Arce and Vasich recently introduced templates to speed up invoicing.

“A template makes it easier for someone in the office, who may not know engine building, to build an invoice,” Arce said. “The machine shop owner or engine builder can stay in the shop and have someone else take on the role of invoicing.”

The software also serves as a project management system.


“Tasks can be assigned to employees of the shop or anyone on the system,” said Arce. “Things like labor and parts can be assigned to make it easier to coordinate what needs to be done.”

Lastly, the software helps with addressing the supply chain issues plaguing the engine-building business.

“There are settings to calculate shop supplies and their ETA,” Arce said. “When there is handwriting, there is forgetting. When there is forgetting, there is lost profit. With Fytron Software, there is no handwriting and no forgetting.”


Fytron Software
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