Trailing Arm Mounting Kit from A & A Manufacturing

Trailing Arm Mounting Kit from A & A Manufacturing

The A & A Manufacturing stock trailing arm mounting kit (part No. KT-1B) makes removing a GM rear end from a GM Metric chassis much easier. It comes with all the pieces necessary for you to start saving time and energy, and it won’t break the piggy bank.

The company manufactures the kit’s lower trailing arm mounts (part No. LZ-13-B) from 3/16″-thick steel. They are angled to fit GM Metric chassis and have four holes for racers to adjust their trailing arm position.

“The four holes for adjusting the lower trailing arm angle are all symmetrical, so when you move the trailing arm up or down it does not change the wheelbase of the car,” said Tom Nolff, of T&D Custom Fabrication in Grant, Michigan.

The upper trailing arm mounts (part No. AA-175-B) are constructed from stout 5/8″-thick steel. Trailing arm bushings come included (part No. AA-175-C).

Shock brackets (part No. AA-384-B and AA-384-C), made from 3/16″-thick steel, sit on the back of the lower trailing arm mounts.

“This kit is affordable for most street stock racers, and it is both easy-to-install and easy-to-use,” Nolff said. “It takes less than two hours for an experienced welder to install the kit.”

The stock trailing arm mounting kit (part No. KT-1B) sells for $96.00.

Additional Options

A & A Manufacturing makes a similar trailing arm mounting kit for racers using Ford 9″ rear ends in GM Metric chassis (part No. KT-1A). $64.00.

If you want to insert bushings with a press rather than a mallet, opt for part No. AA-175-D. It comes with a locking bolt to tighten the bushing. $15.75.

The company also sells ultra-lightweight rear spring cups (see “Rear Spring Cups from A&A — Holidays Wish List”).

Part No. AA-621-A fits 3″ axle tubes — $14.95.

Part No. AA-621-B fits 2-5/8″ ones —$14.95.

Part No. AA-621-C is an offset spring cup, which sits 2-1/2″ off center of a 3″ axle tube — $14.95.

Part No. AA-621-D is a clamp-on spring cup, fitting 3″ tubing — $24.95.

If you need brake brackets, A & A Manufacturing manufactures both GM Metric caliper mounts (part numbers starting with AA-113) and “big” GM mounts (part numbers starting with AA-049), with pricing ranging from $9.82 to $15.84 per bracket.

For more than 50 years, A & A Manufacturing has worked closely with racers and chassis fabricators. The company offers a wide array of quality chassis components at reasonable prices. They constantly introduce new products to their lineup. Their offerings include rod ends, spacers, bushings, clamps, brackets, and mounting hardware for a number of items, from shocks, to brakes, to fuel cells. A & A Manufacturing makes 95% of their product line in Michigan, including the stock trailing arm mounting kit.

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