DataMite: Find Spring & Shock Forces Without Load Cells

DataMite: Find Spring & Shock Forces Without Load Cells

The software for DataMite loggers from Performance Trends provides racers with a low-cost alternative to installing load cells for finding spring and shock force numbers. With shock travel sensors and spring and shock data, you can use the software of the logger to calculate your load numbers.


To use this setup, you need Performance Trends’ DataMite III or DataMite 4 data logger, shock travel sensors, and shock dyno data.

The basic logger package from Performance Trends looks like this. It includes a DataMite III logger, two shock travel sensors, mounting hardware, and cables. All of this together costs around $1,500.

A more typical system incorporates brake pressure, throttle position, GPS, four shock travel sensors, steering, among other features, for around $3,000.

To calculate shock and spring load numbers, you need a DataMite III or 4 data logger. This is what comes includes with a typical DataMite III system.

A shock dyno from Performance Trends starts at $4,999. The Performance Trends dyno works seamlessly with the software of the logger. However, you can also use other shock dynos and manually enter the dyno data into the software of the logger.

The software does not require the use of a Performance Trends shock dyno. While a Performance Trends dyno seamlessly integrates with the logger’s software, you can also manually enter data from other brands of dynos.

For those who don’t use coil-overs, you can calculate and graph shock and spring forces separately.

The DataMite software works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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