MyRacePass Driver Profiles: Promote to Millions, for Free

MyRacePass Driver Profiles: Promote to Millions, for Free

Racers, are you using MyRacePass driver profiles to the full extent? If not, you’re missing out on a rare opportunity to connect with supporters and future supporters.

“If you’re a driver in the MRP app, your news articles, schedule, stats, and profile are viewable to more than a million users within the app,” said Ben Shelton, of MyRacePass. “People sitting in the stands, when they see your name in the lineup, they can click on your name and access all your information.”

Exposure. That’s key to finding sponsors and making fans.

“It’s all about networking and getting in front of as many eyeballs as possible,” Shelton said. “It’s pretty cool to be able to send your information to just those looking at an entry list and clicking on your name.”

Exposure. That’s also the key to keeping sponsors.

Successful racers, such as dirt late model drivers Brandon Sheppard and Ryan Unzicker, take full advantage of this feature.

In addition to their pages offering their racing schedules, results, and news articles, they also provide photos of not only their cars to confirm what they’re driving, but also of themselves. This helps develop a personal connection between the driver and the spectator.

Furthermore, you can find out more information about them than mere stats.

Both have bios, where you can learn about their greatest achievements and what drives them to race.

Likewise, both list their sponsors, giving their marketing partners additional exposure beyond just a decal on a fender. They also include their hardworking crew members who help them chase their dreams.

Lastly, you can learn a little about their personalities. Sheppard loves a cold Busch Light with wings. Unzicker prefers pizza. However, while they might not agree on what to eat after the races, they do agree on where to race. Both said they love Fairbury Speedway in Illinois, which is hard to argue against.

MyRacePass driver profiles offer racers the incredible opportunity to connect with others. Basic functionality on driver profiles is available for free to all competitors. For drivers seeking more detailed profiles with advanced functionality, paid plans are available as well. During this off-season, take advantage of this rare chance to make an impression on a fan or future sponsor.

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