Chris Schneider: $2,042 and a Box of Donuts for the Win

Chris Schneider: $2,042 and a Box of Donuts for the Win

What did Chris Schneider receive for winning the Bob Walters Memorial? A cool $2,042 … and a box of donuts from Big Daddy’s Donuts. However, for Schneider, the pro stock win at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway meant far more than just a sweet treat.

“Bob [Walters] was a small engine builder for the working guy racers in the Pittsburgh area,” Schneider, of Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, said. “He was my friend, and we enjoyed working together.”

Walters, of Kennedy Township, Pennsylvania, passed away in November 30, 2021, at the age of 71.

“He just knew his time was coming, and he shared that with me,” said Schneider. “The crowd knew how much he meant to me, and how much it would mean to me to win the race. There was quite a long cheer.”

Schneider has raced several classes over the years — limited late models, late models, modifieds — but he found his fit in the pro stock class. Schneider now builds them at SS Chassis and Supply.

“A super late model or limited late model is hard to drive and be able to race alongside other cars,” Schneider said. “Pro stocks drive nice with other cars right next to them. They hold their lines better than some other divisions. You can race three- or four-wide, when conditions are right.”

Chris Schneider has won the two Bob Walters Memorial pro stock races held at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. Vince Laboon presented the box of donuts. Laboon understands the specialness of memorial events. Every year the track hosts the Ed Laboon Memorial, in memory of Vince’s father, which features the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks touring series. Schneider won that event last year.

After this year’s Bob Walters Memorial victory, Schneider will go easy on the winnings.

“[The box of donuts] was a new treat for the winner this year,” said Schneider. “I only ate one donut. I’m watching my weight, but I shared them with everyone.”