Chase Jenkins: First-Gen Racer’s First Win

Chase Jenkins: First-Gen Racer’s First Win

Race fan Ryan Jenkins would take his son, Chase Jenkins, as a child to the track. Now, Chase took his father to victory lane, when Chase won his first feature in a street stock at Southern Raceway in Milton, Florida.

Jenkins entry in the sport resulted from working on his family’s 2,000-acre farm, where they raise peanuts, cotton, corn, and soybeans.

“When I was 15, I was driving a tractor on the farm and saw a pile of people gathered at the edge of the field,” said Jenkins, now 19, of Jay, Florida. “They were racing karts on a little track. I parked my tractor because it was getting dark, and I went to watch. They were pretty high-tech karts.”

Jenkins got a kart and started racing. He became hooked.

“I liked racing on dirt, so the next year I decided to build a pure stock and go racing at Southern Raceway,” Jenkins said. “When my dad brought me to the races, he didn’t realize that this is what I was going to do someday.”

He didn’t win a race in two seasons as a pure stock driver. Jenkins did, however, finish in the top five regularly.

“I felt I was competitive,” Jenkins said. “One night, at the end of last season, there was a street stock for sale. Something clicked — I bought it, and that’s the car that I won with on Saturday.”

Now racing a car legal at many other tracks, Chase Jenkins hopes to travel a bit. The first victory has certainly put some wind in his sails as he travels.

“Our first win is a great confidence builder,” Jenkins said. “It helped me see through the tough luck I had so far. The win showed me I can do it and my car can do it. We can win, and we are competitive in the street stock division.”