Super-Street GM LS Roller Rockers from Proform

Super-Street GM LS Roller Rockers from Proform

Rock around the Christmas tree with these new Super-Street GM LS aluminum roller rockers from Proform. The company said the friction-reducing 1.7-ratio rocker arms will help you unleash more power from your engine.

“These roller rockers have been upgraded to the cage-style bearings,” said Booth Platt, of Proform. “They also have a beautiful blue anodized finish.”

Each roller rocker arm features a super smooth, steel roller tip. The use full cage bearing trunions. They work with a maximum spring diameter of 1.400″.

The extruded aluminum roller rocker arms are also self-aligning, with a narrow-style body.

Proform designed the roller rocker arms as “remove and replace,” allowing racers to easily swap out the stock ones, with no additional hardware or parts necessary. Pedestals and M8-1.25 bolts come included with the set of 16 roller rockers.

The upgrade process starts by disconnecting the spark plug wires and removing the valve covers (and coil packs, if applicable). Next, take out the existing rocker arms and associated components. Then, install the new rocker arms, tightening each pair of rocker arms to 22 ft-lb. Lastly, reinstall the valve covers and spark plug wires (and coil packs, if applicable).

The LS roller rocker arms work with two versions of the LS engine — the Gen III LS1/LS6 (1997–2004) and Gen IV LS2/LS4 (2005–present).

You can purchase the Super-Street GM LS Roller Rockers (part No. 69467) through Proform’s dealer network. That includes Summit Racing Equipment, which currently retails a set for $318.99.

Proform is a brand of Specialty Auto Parts, U.S.A., Inc., the long-established automotive aftermarket manufacturer of innovative products. The company started Proform more than three decades ago to provide automotive enthusiasts with affordable products in a number of categories, including tools, carburetion, and cooling.


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