Clarksville Speedway Welcomes the Quicksilver 357 CT

Clarksville Speedway Welcomes the Quicksilver 357 CT

Promoter William Scogin welcomes the Quicksilver 357 CT at Clarksville Speedway in Tennessee. They permit them in three classes: The 602 late models, street stocks, and B-mods.

“They’re made to last,” Scogin said on why he embraces the Quicksilver 357 CT engine. “With the Chevrolet Performance 602 engines, they often have problems, and you have to take them to an authorized rebuilder.”

Rebuilders recommend bringing brand-new 602s to their shops. They say they come with significant variances straight from the factory. The rebuilders blueprint the 602 engines to bring them to spec and optimize performance, which increases overall cost. However, whenever you introduce another party to the process, you introduce another issue.

“The Quicksilver engines have no rebuilders — you got to send them back to the factory to have them rebuilt or inspected,” said Scogin. “That keeps the cheating down.”

Scogin allows the Chevrolet Performance 602 and the Quicksilver 357 CT to run together in the same class.

“They’re equal,” Scogin said. “We’ve done a lot of research, and they perform similarly.”

Quicksilver stands by their product. For engines built in 2022, the company offers a one-year warranty. (For more on that, see “Quicksilver: 1-Year Warranty for its Race Engines”.)

“They’re reliable,” said Scogin on the Quicksilver 357 CT. “We haven’t had many failures. They’ve been really good, and they take good care of the customer, too. With Chevrolet, it’s not as easy.”

Ultimately, William Scogin and Clarksville Speedway believe the Quicksilver 357 CT is a good deal for the racer. It lasts longer and does not need blueprinting, saving money. Plus, Quicksilver performs all rebuilds and teardowns, reducing the chance for a team to get an unfair advantage.

For more information on the Quicksilver 357 CT, read “Quicksilver 357 CT: Crate Engine Alternative”.


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