Upper A-Frame Mounts from A&A — Holidays Wish List

Upper A-Frame Mounts from A&A — Holidays Wish List

These upper A-frame mounts from A&A Manufacturing allow racers to quickly adjust anti-dive. They’re applicable to a wide range of divisions, from modifieds and late models to stock cars and hobby stocks.


“Anti-dive can be adjusted on the fly, simply by changing the slugs,” said Jim Fairbanks, of A&A Manufacturing. “The change can be accomplished in minutes, between races, offering the racer a wide range of adjustability.”

Racers weld the upper A-frame mounts to the chassis. A&A Manufacturing offers seven measurements of slugs (aka bushings) to adjust anti-dive. The company constructs the mounts out of 3/8″-thick mild steel. Likewise, they manufacture the slugs out of mild steel, too, but they also zinc-plate them to prevent corrosion.

For GM Metric applications — part number LZ-10-F for lefts; LZ-10-G for rights — the slots measure 3/4″ by 1-1/2″. The mounts themselves are 4.0215″ tall on one side and 3-3/4″ tall on the other. The distance between the slots is 6-7/8″, from center to center. $12.55 each.


For Camaro-style (1974–81) applications (part number LZ-10-E), the distance between the slots is 7-3/4″, from center to center. $13.25 each.

For other applications, use part number LZ-10-H. It has one hole for anti-dive bushings. The mount measures 3-3/4″ tall and 2-1/4″ wide. The slot is 2-5/8″ from the bottom of the piece. $5.25 each.

The anti-dive bushings (part number LZ-10-D), or slugs, have a .505″ hole. That hole comes offset by one of seven measurements offered: 0″, 1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″. Each bushing comes with its offset clearly etched on it. $7.71 each.


A&A Manufacturing manufactures the upper A-frame mounts and bushings in the USA, directly from their Michigan facility.


A&A Manufacturing
Spring Lake, Michigan

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