Ideal Tire Groover: A Cut Above the Rest

Ideal Tire Groover: A Cut Above the Rest

The Ideal Tire Groover outperforms its competition by excelling at the basics. It’s durable. It performs. And, it’s affordable.

Since 1948, Ideal Heated Knives has manufactured high-quality, electric hand tools. Much of their equipment produced decades ago still receives regular use from their happy owners.

“Sixty-year-old Ideal Tire Groovers still turn up on eBay,” said Ideal Heated Knives’ John Sukenik, speaking of the longevity of the products they produce.

While some tire groovers struggle to cut through the hardest of tire compounds, the Ideal Tire Groover makes easy work of them. The solid brass head keeps strong, constant heat just ahead of the cutting blade. This preconditions the material to be cut, making it quicker and easier to accurately groove your tires. The operator of the tool controls the depth of the cut by the adjustable, razor-sharp, hardened steel blade.

The Ideal Tire Groover won’t break the bank. You can find them selling for under $100, an investment for less than a Benjamin Franklin that can last for your entire racing career.

The Ideal Tire Groover comes in a kit that features one groover, one medium brass head (No. 4, 7/32″), and 12 standard round blades (.018 x 1/8″).

Ideal Heated Knives manufactures a wide variety of heads and blades. The head widths range from 1/16″ to 3/4″ wide. The blades come in round or flat end styles, with thicknesses from .018 x 1/8″ to .031 x 1/4″. The company can also make blades built to your specifications.

The fiberglass-reinforced, nylon handle is light and cool for comfortable use. Ideal Heated Knives offers two types of handles —a pistol grip (as pictured, kit No. 125) or a 45-degree grip (kit No. 115). The two styles come with either 110V or 220V plugs and both have a 250W heating capacity.

The Ideal Tire Groover is 100% made in the USA. It is widely available from retailers on the web and many suppliers of racing equipment.


Ideal Heated Knives
New Hudson, Michigan

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