Hanna Harmon: Undeterred by the Naysayers

Hanna Harmon: Undeterred by the Naysayers

Hanna Harmon loves racing stock cars — and she’s not going to let anyone sour her feelings on that.


“I was proud to be driving at Sheridan Speedway [in Wyoming], and told some of my friends at Sheridan High School,” said Harmon, of Sheridan, Wyoming. “I was made fun of and ridiculed at school because I was a girl doing what some boys didn’t think I should be doing.”

Harmon comes from a family of eight children — all but one races or has raced. The family patriarch, Ken Harmon, keeps three street stocks, two four-cylinders, and three quarter-midgets ready to race for his children. After performing well in quarter-midgets, Harmon moved up to stock cars this year. She raced in two classes — four-cylinder cars & trucks and street stocks.

“I keep my cars clean, change tires, set tire pressures, and I am learning about maintenance … so I could eventually do everything myself,” Harmon said.

Harmon has interests outside of racing, too.


“Hanna is also a competitive dancer,” said Harmon’s father, Ken Harmon. “Racing is stressful, and she’s found dancing relaxes her.”

Sometimes that stress comes from a member of the Harmon family.

“My brother Kholin wanted to take my first [street stock] out for a ride at the start of the season to make sure it was set up right,” Harmon said. “He wound up crashing it into the wall. I was pretty mad at him. He had to help me find another [street stock] so I could keep racing.”

Hanna Harmon impressed in her rookie year. She visited victory lane in the four-cylinders and ran up front in the street stocks.

“I now try to keep it quiet [about] the fact that I race and that I am a young girl,” said Harmon. “I’d like to put those boys in a car and see what they could do.”