Hoosier Tire Canada Rationing Tires

Hoosier Tire Canada Rationing Tires

Hoosier Tire Canada is taking extreme measures to ensure racing continues uninterrupted throughout the 2022 season. This includes rationing tires at the nine tracks it serves in Ontario and Canada.


For modifieds: One new right-rear tire after three races. One new left rear after four.

For sportsman modifieds: One new right-rear tire after six races. One new left rear after eight.

In addition, Hoosier Tire Canada’s Erica Bicknell Jones said there will be no front tires available until at least June 23, 2022.


“Our phones were blowing up,” Bicknell Jones said. “This whole tire situation is straining friendships and relationships in racing. Now, everyone will have the same rules.”

The rules have made the used tire market hot. Hoosier provides the only spec tire used by the affected divisions. The tracks they serve include:

  • Autodrome Drummond, Drummondville, Quebec
  • Autodrome Granby, Granby, Quebec
  • Brighton Speedway Park, Brighton, Ontario
  • Brockville Ontario Speedway, Brockville, Ontario
  • Cornwall Motor Speedway, Cornwall, Ontario
  • Humberstone Speedway, Port Colborne, Ontario
  • Le RPM Speedway, Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu, Quebec
  • Merrittville Speedway – Thorold, Ontario
  • Oshweken Speedway – Oshweken, Ontario

“Some teams sold off their used tires from last season,” said Bicknell Jones. “Others had saved them as spares. Still others are looking to buy used tires. You can run used tires for the amount of specified races in order to be eligible to buy a new tire.”


To keep track of tire usage, Bicknell Jones and her Hoosier counterpart in Quebec will maintain a database on every car’s tires.

“On Mondays, we will not conduct tire sales, but we will collect data and compile the list of who is eligible to purchase tires,” Bicknell Jones said. “Everywhere and everyone will be treated equally.”

Bicknell Jones said the plan at Hoosier Tire Canada is for “right now.”

“Things could change,” said Bicknell Jones. “But, we can’t be willy-nilly on this issue. Racers must understand that we are doing what we can do so we don’t have to cancel racing. We want to complete the 2022 season. We have already lost too many races in Canada in the last two years because of Covid restrictions.”

Hoosier Tire Canada
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