Trailer Alarms: Protect Your Trailer and What’s Inside

Trailer Alarms: Protect Your Trailer and What’s Inside

The theft of racing trailers is on the rise. Trailer Alarms, LLC seeks to combat that disturbing trend with an affordable theft-preventative solution.


“People steal trailers for two reasons — they want the trailer or they want what’s inside,” said Lyle Clark, of Trailer Alarms, LLC. “Most criminals come through the trailer door, not expecting an alarm to go off.”

For $585, you can purchase the PTS-2 system from Trailer Alarms, LLC. It comes with spring-loaded sensors that mount to the doors and windows. Plus, it wires into the trailer’s braking system.

When a thief tries to open the door or window, it activates the PTS-2 system. It then locks up the trailer’s brakes, flashes the trailer’s running lights, and sounds a 120 dB siren.


The company builds the PTS-2 system’s circuit board right in Texas. A single-button key fob arms the system after closing the doors and windows. The PTS-2 system comes with a five-year warranty.

The company also offers several add-ons for the PTS-2. Those consist of an alarm keypad mounted inside the trailer, motion detectors, magnetic sensors, tilt sensors, and floor-pressure sensors. In addition, Trailer Alarms, LLC can produce custom, 3D-printed lids for its control boxes, if multiple systems are ordered.

Other systems come with additional features. One package includes pager or cellular phone notification for $785. Another offers pager or cellular notification plus GPS location for $900. Both require the purchase of services billed annually.


Clark said alarm systems also offer benefits for your trailer insurance bill.

“Some insurance companies will discount your insurance when you have a trailer alarm,” Clark said. “We work with an insurance company that basically pays for the cost of the system when they insure your trailer. Racers can protect their property for little or no additional expense.”

Besides thieves, fire poses another threat to racing trailers. Purchase a standalone smoke/fire detection unit for $150.

“There were several trailer fires last season,” said Clark. “Fires can start not only from vandalism, but from trailer contents igniting or by wheel axle bearings overheating.”

Go one step further with an Elide Fireball fire extinguishing system for $95. When flames come in contact with the system, it explodes to send a powdered chemical into the air to snuff out the fire.

Ultimately, whether you wish to protect your trailer from thieves or fire, Trailer Alarms, LLC can build a system that best serves your needs and budget.

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