Jamie Mosley: Lessons in Marketing Learned in NASCAR

Jamie Mosley: Lessons in Marketing Learned in NASCAR

From 2002 to 2018, Jamie Mosley raced on occasion in series such as the NASCAR Xfinity Series. These days you can find him behind the wheel of a dirt modified at tracks near his London, Kentucky, home. However, Mosley can still apply the lessons he learned at the upper tiers of the sport.

“I got to represent products such as Advil, Kentucky Utilities, Three Stooges Beer,” said Mosley. “The things you can learn from the marketing aspect are things that carry on for the rest of your life, far beyond when you’re racing career is over.”

That comes in handy when you’re promoting your own products, such as Jail Breaker Brands Potato Chips, a name that references Mosley’s other occupation as Laurel County Jailer. Mosley said that in little over a year the product is now carried at about 1,200 locations across a dozen or so states. A big part of marketing for the brand comes from Mosley’s own dirt modified effort. At the track, he has samples ready to go for anyone who wants to try the flavorful, yet not overpowering chips. In marketing speak, they call handing out samples “activation,” and that’s what sponsors want from race teams.

“One of the things is educating racers that they’re not looking for a donation,” Mosley said. “You’re looking for a marketing partner. You have a job to do beyond getting a check and putting their name on the car. If they spend $1,000, you should deliver $3,000 in return. You got to show [sponsors] a return on their investment. If you can put more people in their stores or have more people consuming their products, you’re going to keep them coming back.”

The efforts of Jamie Mosley to promote his product seem to be working, especially in the racing world.

“When we travel, people say this is the greatest chip they’ve ever had,” said Mosley. “It’s really rewarding. It’s one of the leading selling products at Rockcastle Speedway [in Mount Vernon, Kentucky]. [It’s also a top seller] at Thunder Mountain Speedway [in Corbin, Kentucky]. A lot of other tracks reached out with interest. These are our consumers, who love race cars.”

Note: Added the origin of the name behind the potato chip brand (2024-07-12).