Justen Steigerwalt: Front Gate Greeter to Enduro Winner

Justen Steigerwalt: Front Gate Greeter to Enduro Winner

Every Saturday night you can find Justen Steigerwalt greeting race fans as they enter Grandview Speedway. However, this past Friday you found Steigerwalt also in victory lane at the Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania, dirt oval. He had won in the big car class for the Outlaw Racing Series Enduro.

Once in a while, Steigerwalt ventures to the other side of the fence, driving his 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. He’s worked at the track every week for 20 years. Enduros for Steigerwalt are his getaway.

“I’ve been racing in the enduros since they first were scheduled at Grandview Speedway back in 2009,” Steigerwalt, of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, said. “The attraction is that it is cheap, affordable racing. Working at the speedway on Saturdays, driving gives me a unique experience and a different view on Fridays.”

Steigerwalt’s history in racing goes back before Grandview Speedway. He and his now wife, Stephanie, competed in demolition derbies.

“Stephanie did quite well in the ladies’ demo derbies,” said Steigerwalt. “Enduros seemed like a safer alternative, so we got an enduro car. Stephanie stopped driving when we started a family. We now have two children, Noah and Alaina, who are racing karts. They race on Sundays, so our schedule is full every weekend.”

In fact, Noah won a feature a week before his father. Alaina won the Sunday after.

Friday marked the end of a five-year winning drought for Steigerwalt. His biggest enduro win came in 2013 at Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, New York.

“It was a $5,000 win — definitely the biggest win of my career as an enduro driver,” Steigerwalt said. “Now, I’m having a lot of fun racing for $300 to win — and it works. The expense is gas and tires — and usually the tires last the season. If you don’t get into trouble on the racetrack, there is nothing to repair.”

Justen Steigerwalt loves what he does. Greeting fans. Racing enduros. Being a father for his children competing in karts.

“It all works,” said Steigerwalt. “I plan on racing enduros as long as I can.”