Bobby Trapper Jr.: Dream Win and a Dream Vacation

Bobby Trapper Jr.: Dream Win and a Dream Vacation

Typically, when sport stars win big, they say they’re going to Disney World or Disneyland, but not Bobby Trapper Jr. After his first career victory last Saturday, he and his wife, Katrina, headed off to Italy.

“It’s only fair,” Trapper, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, said. “I get to do a lot of racing and Katrina likes to travel. Compromise is important in marriage.”

His first feature victory came in the modifieds at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania. Trapper’s a regular there, where he was slated to miss his only night for his wedding. Luckily, the night rained out and Trapper wound up never missing a race.

The weekend following the wedding, Trapper won the Minuteman 20, a consolation race for the annual Freedom 76er.

“Before the race, [Katrina] said, jokingly, ‘We can’t go to all these races and you not win,’” said Trapper. “When I won the 20, she ran all the way to victory lane.”

Last Saturday, while Katrina packed for the trip, Trapper attained the goal he set for himself in 2012. That’s when he first jumped into one of the modifieds of his father, Bobby Trapper. Trapper had served on his father’s crew since he was a child.

The night he achieved that dream, he drew pole for the feature. However, the win wouldn’t come easy. Ryan Watt chased him until lap 25, when Watt popped a tire. Then, on a restart, Brian Hirthler beat Trapper into turn one on the inside. Trapper reclaimed the top spot going down he backstretch. He led the final five laps to the checkered flag.

“We had a good turn to a dismal season just before our trip to Italy,” Trapper said. “The win helps a lot. We know what we are coming back to in a couple of weeks.”

Bobby Trapper Jr. feels that the vacation will only help his racing effort as well.

“Just like in a race car, balance is very important in a marriage,” said Trapper. “Racing takes up a lot of our time for half of the year. It’s good for us to have a break.”