Dylan Swinehart: Letting the Crew Go Behind the Wheel

Dylan Swinehart: Letting the Crew Go Behind the Wheel

When last Friday rained out at Pennsylvania’s Port Royal Speedway, the crew of Dylan Swinehart thought about hauling to BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven. Swinehart told the crew he had a better idea.

“I suggested we go to Grandview Speedway and that all three members of the crew could take a turn in the practice sessions at the track,” Swinehart, of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, said. “At first there was silence — they thought I was joking. Then suddenly they all got excited. ‘Let’s do it!’ they said.”

All three crew members — Mike Eckhardt, Lydia Santiago, Scott Saylor (pictured) — took a turn behind the sportsman modified driven by Swinehart.

“No one on the crew drove any form of racing prior — except Scott, who drove a kart maybe 25 years ago,” said Swinehart. “The main reason was to give something back to the crew. They worked hard all year and we wouldn’t be able to race without them. I wanted to show my appreciation by letting them drive the car they worked on.”

How did the crew members fare on track?

“All three of them got on it fast enough,” Swinehart said. “They all went full throttle at the start of the straightaways, but they slowed up earlier than I do going into the turns.”

Eckhardt told Swinehart that driving the car was “the coolest thing he ever did.”

Dylan Swinehart also used the opportunity as an educational experience.

Saylor commented how much the car turns into the corner by itself and bounces around when on the throttle.

“I wanted to do this so we can all have an understanding of how the car is working,” Swinehart said. “Afterward, the four of us talked. I could tell they all had a better understanding of what I try to convey to them about the car.”