Michael Lutz: Not the Results He’s Looking For

Michael Lutz: Not the Results He’s Looking For

For Michael Lutz, Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, has not been kind to him. He has flipped his 410 sprint car there. Twice.

His latest flip occurred Sunday during the second qualifying heat during the Ice Breaker weekend.

“I just drove in too hard, hopped the cushion, and then got in the slime, which took me into the wall,” Lutz, 17, of Mercer, Pennsylvania, said. “I went over one and a half times. It was the same chassis that turned over the first time I raced there in 2021.”

Lutz emerged from the flip uninjured. He sat in an Ultra Shield Race Products full-containment seat paired with a RaceQuip five-point harness. He wore an Impact helmet, with a HANS device.

“The safety crew just turned my car upright with me in it,” said Lutz. “I exited just like I normally would.”

Lutz and his father, Mike, bought the 2014 Mach 1 chassis used at a swap meet. The crash only damaged the left-side wheels.

“I was anxious to get back on the track,” Lutz said. “So, we made some quick repairs so we could get the car back together in time to make it into the B-main lineup. It was exciting to make a comeback after a flip.”

Unfortunately, the comeback ended before the green flag waved in the B-main.

“We must have stressed the driveshaft in the flip,” said Lutz. “Before I could start the B-main, the driveshaft failed.”

Ultimately, it was a rough weekend for Lutz. He battled fuel pickup problems on Thursday at Lincoln Speedway. On his way back from the track on Sunday, their truck broke down. They’ll regroup and hope to make their next race in two weeks at Attica Raceway Park in Ohio.

In the meantime, on Monday Michael Lutz returned to high school, where he’s a junior.

“After high school, racing full-time is my dream,” Lutz said. “I’ll work with my dad at his remodeling business and put the money I make into racing.”