All-Star Gloves from Crow — Holidays Wish List

All-Star Gloves from Crow — Holidays Wish List

Crow Safety Gear All-Star gloves offer racers a lightweight design for comfort and grip while protecting their hands with a double layer of Nomex.


The gloves feature pre-curved fingers, with outside seams, for feel and dexterity while gripping a steering wheel. Crow Safety Gear reinforced the palm and fingers with performance leather at grip points.

Elastic securely wraps the end of the glove at the racer’s wrist. Overlap that area with a fire suit, and it prevents flame from reaching any skin.

While the gloves are SFI 3.3/5-certified, Crow Safety Gear said their gloves’ performance exceeds that standard.


The All-Star gloves come in three colors — black, blue, and red. The company offers them in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Regardless of color or size, they sell for $72.46 a pair.

Crow Safety Gear manufactures the gloves, among many other safety products, in the U.S. Its namesake, Fred Crow, founded the family-operated safety equipment company in 1998. He has more than 50 years of experience in racing safety, which includes a stint on the board of SFI. In addition, Crow is also a U.S. veteran.

His wife, DeEtte, a former magazine publisher, has worked alongside Fred since the company’s inception. Both Fred and DeEtte readily answer the phones to discuss safety with those who call.


Crow Safety Gear manufactures restraint systems, personal safety gear, and safety accessories. You can purchase their products directly from Crow Safety Gear or at one of many racing parts warehouses and speed shops throughout North America and worldwide.

“We are proud of every product that carries our name,” Fred Crow said. “Our customers’ safety is our main concern.”


Crow Safety Gear
North Las Vegas, Nevada

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