WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. (April 6, 2002) -- Tim Arre of Toms River, N.J.
looked really strong on Saturday night at Wall Township Speedway in the
Inaugural "Jennie and Tom Nicol Memorial" for Modified stock cars which
officially kicked off the 2002 championship season.

Too strong.

Police Pace Car with Modifieds in background, just prior to
the feature race.
Photo credit; Harvey Lashin/J. Lauren Photographers

Arre started fifth and, after a first lap tangle involving five cars
that dictated a complete restart, the fifteen-time winner at the Shore
race track led each of the 35 laps to the checkers. However, in a
post-race technical inspection, his #4 car was found to have a
carburetor that was larger than allowed by the rule book and the victory
was nullified with the win transferring to the original runner-up,
defending Modified division champion Jimmy Blewett of Howell, N.J.

Other class feature race winners were: Chas Okerson of Freehold, N.J.
in the Pro Stocks (he also won one week earlier in a pre-season event),
Anthony Donnamaria of Sayreville, N.J. in the Street Stocks, Jason
Rochelle of Hackettstown, N.J. in the Legends Cars after apparent winner
John Menzak was disqualified (car too light), Don Adams of Robbinsville,
N.J. in the Three-Quarter Midgets, and Chris Olcott of Linwood, N.J. in
the Trucks.

The season opener at WTS had it all: Hot action on the track despite
unseasonably cold temperatures . . . it even snowed during one of the

Modified Feature Winner Jimmy Blewett 

Photo credit; Harvey Lashin/J. Lauren Photographers

heat races, celebrities including All Pro nose tackle Joe Klecko of the
New York Jets and ESPN's Bob Papa, and one of the all-time greatest
drivers, the legendary Frankie Schneider of Lambertville, N.J. who won
the very first feature race ever run at Wall Stadium back in 1950.

Finishing behind Blewett in the Modified feature were four-time division
champion Dave Michel of Manahawkin, N.J., Marc Rogers of Brick, N.J.,
Curtis Truex, Jr. of Mayetta, N.J., and Steve Whitt of Farmingdale,
N.J. Four-time Modified champion Charlie Kremer, Jr. of Toms River,
N.J. was sixth with Gary Hartman of Brick, Felix Verlangieri III of
Lavallette, N.J., Frank Polimeda of Fort Lee, N.J., and Ryan Seaman of
Utica, N.Y. rounding out the top ten.

Every Saturday night racing continues this week (April 13th) at Wall

Owners: from left to right: general manager Tom Mauser, former track
Tucker Nicol and new Wall partner Timothy Shinn

Photo credit; Harvey Lashin/J. Lauren Photographers

Township Speedway with the gates opening at 4 p.m., qualifying heat
races at 6:00 p.m., and the five feature races are scheduled to start at
8:15 p.m. The next special event at WTS will be on Sunday, April 28th
at 1 p.m. On tap will be a spectacular demolition derby plus Street
Stock and Three-Quarter Midget racing.

Wall Township Speedway is on State Route 34, just north of the
intersection of I-195/State Route 138 (Exit 35B) and the Garden State
Parkway (Exit 98). For more information, call the Speedway office at
(732) 681-6400 or log on to: www.walltownshipspeedway.com

Saturday - April 6, 2002
Wall Township (N.J.) Speedway

Modifieds: Inaugural "Jennie and Tom Nicol Memorial"
Feature (35 Laps) - 

1. Jimmy Blewett, Howell, N.J.; 2. Dave Michel, Manahawkin, N.J.; 3.
Marc Rogers, Brick, N.J.; 4. Curtis Truex, Jr., Mayetta, N.J.; 5. Steve
Whitt, Farmingdale, N.J.; 6. Charlie Kremer, Jr., Toms River, N.J.; 7.
Gary Hartman, Brick, N.J.; 8. Felix Verlangieri III, Lavallette, N.J.;
9. Frank Polimeda, Fort Lee, N.J.; 10. Ryan Seaman, Utica, N.Y.; 11.
Rich Mongeau, Brick, N.J.; 12. Tom Meli, Brick, N.J.; 13. Rob Schultz,
Wayside, N.J.; 14. Sean Gartner, Green Brook, N.J.; 15. Tommy Farrell
III, Neptune, N.J.; 16. Dan McLaughlin, Jr., Toms River, N.J.; 17.
Richie Evans, Jr., Howell, N.J.; 18. Joe Mongeau, Brick, N.J.; 19. Harry
Reed, Freehold, N.J.; 20. Chip Graves, Howell, N.J.; 21. Jamie Tomaino,
Jr., Howell, N.J.; 22. Mike Brennan, Morganville, N.J.; 23. Tom
Cottrell, Lakewood, N.J. DQ-Tim Arre, Toms River, N.J.

Lap Leader - none

Heat Race #1 (12 Laps) - 1. Jimmy Blewett; 2. Felix Verlangieri III; 3.
Marc Rogers; 4. Dan McLaughlin, Jr.; 5. Ryan Seaman; 6. Rob Schultz

Heat Race #2 (12 Laps) - 1. Tim Arre; 2. Frank Polimeda; 3. Tommy
Farrell III; 4. Harry Reed; 5. Rich Mongeau; 6. Joe Mongeau

Heat Race #3 (12 Laps) - 1. Dave Michel; 2. Richie Evans, Jr.; 3. Steve
Whitt; 4. Jamie Tomaino, Jr.; 5. Chip Graves; 6. Charlie Kremer, Jr.

Consolation (10 Laps) - 1. Curtis Truex, Jr.; 2. Gary Hartman; 3. Tom
Meli; 4. Joe Mongeau; 5. Rob Schultz; 6. Tom Cottrell

Pro Stocks:
Feature (25 Laps) - 
1. Chas Okerson, Freehold, N.J.; 2. Kenny Reaves, Piscataway, N.J.; 3.
George Andretta, Neptune City, N.J.; 4. Paul Burdge, Freehold, N.J.; 5.
Charlie Kremer III, Toms River, N.J.; 6. Mark Schullstrom, Colts Neck,
N.J.; 7. Jim McLaughlin, Englishtown, N.J.; 8. Eric Albright,
Morristown, N.J.; 9. Greg Gastelu, Jackson, N.J.; 10. Jim Benton,
Carteret, N.J.; 11. Jack Minaldi, Wall, N.J.; 12. Rich DeSarno, Wall,
N.J.; 13. Rich Lovelace II, Mercerville, N.J.; 14. Matt Przemielewski,
Forked River, N.J.; 15. John Therkoldsen, Matawan, N.J.; 16. Rob
Williams, Jr., Farmingdale, N.J.

Street Stocks:
Feature (20 Laps) - 1. Anthony Donnamaria, Sayreville, N.J.; 2. Bob
Stackles, Forked River, N.J.; 3. Shanon Mongeau, Brick, N.J.; 4. Brandon
Stowell, Chatham, N.J.; 5. Michael Labrecque, Manahawkin, N.J.; 6. Jim
Downey, Cliffwood Beach, N.J.; 7. Steve Costello, Lakewood, N.J.; 8. Bob
Milwicz, Hopewell, N.J.; 9. Ron Frees, Brick,. N.J.; 10. Mark Bartlett,
Mercerville, N.J.; 11. Jason Duvall, Farmingdale, N.J.; 12. J.R. Nixon,
Brick, N.J.; 13. Phil Fortuna, Seaside Park, N.J.; 14. Michael Roth,
Wall, N.J.; 15. Ken Matlach, New Hyde Park, N.Y.; 16. Craig Wallis,
Farmingdale, N.J.; 17. Gregg Clerico, Egg Harbor, N.J.; 18. Bill
Vanderveen, Beachwood, N.J.; 19. Ron Booth, Jr., Tinton Falls, N.J.; 20.
Scott Meyer, Barnegat, N.J.; 21. Speedo Jager, Flemington, N.J.; 22.
Geoff Green, Toms River, N.J.; 23. Elliott Wohl, Freehold, N.J.; 24.
Dave Bragg, Mays Landing, N.J.

Heat Race #1 (10 Laps) - 1. Anthony Donnamaria; 2. Bob Stackles; 3. Phil
Fortuna; 4. Ken Matlach; 5. Jim Downey; 6. Bill Vanderveen

Heat Race #2 (10 Laps) - 1. Michael Labrecque; 2. Shanon Mongeau; 3.
Brandon Stowell; 4. Craig Wallis; 5. Mark Bartlett; 6. Scott Meyer

Heat Race #3 (10 Laps) - 1. Michael Roth; 2. Steve Costello; 3. Gregg
Clerico; 4. Ron Frees; 5. Geoff Green; 6. Bob Milwicz

Consolation (10 Laps) - 1. Jason Duvall; 2. Ron Booth, Jr.; 3. J.R.
Nixon; 4. Elliott Wohl; 5. Speedo Jager; 6. Dave Bragg

Legends Cars:
Feature (20 Laps) - 
1. Jason Rochelle, Hackettstown, N.J.; 2. Tim Henry, Orefield, Pa.; 3.
Tony Naglieri; Shirley, N.Y.; 4. Doug Harvey, Tabernacle, N.J.; 5. Joe
Robertazzi, Beachwood, N.J.; 6. Craig Rochelle, Hackettstown, N.J.; 7.
Bobby Baltera, Baltimore, Md.; 8. Shawn Emmons, Neptune, N.J.; 9. John
Feehan, Williams, Pa.; 10. Pat Brown, Florham Park, N.J.; 11. Bill
Rehrig, Pennsburg, Pa.; 12. Paul Kane, New Egypt, N.J.; 13. Rudy
Rinderer, Pine Beach, N.J.; 14. John Kotlarchick, Bridgewater, N.J.; 15.
Mike Desantis, Humpy, N.C.; 16. Bruce Roslin, Jr., Bruton, N.C.; 17.
Beth MacFairlane, Little Falls, N.J.; 18. J.J. Jensen, Jr., Brick, N.J.;
19. Rob Ricker, Kinnelon, N.J.; 20. Glenn Logan, North Massapequa, N.Y.;
21. Jim Tomaino, Eatontown, N.J.; 22. Charlie Hubbard, Jr., Trenton,
N.J. DQ-John Menzak

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps) - 1. John Kotlarchick; 2. Bryan Gardella; 3. Glenn
Logan; 4. Shawn Emmons; 5. Joe Robertazzi; 6. Pat Brown

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps) - 1. Jim Tomaino; 2. Rudy Rinderer; 3. John
Menzak; 4. J.J. Jensen, Jr.; 5. Doug Harvey; 6. Rob Ricker

Three-Quarter Midgets:
Feature (25 Laps) - 
1. Don Adams, Robbinsville, N.J.; 2. Mike Tidaback, Rapid City, N.D.; 3.
Tim Adams, Speed, N.C.; 4. B.J. MacDonald, Trenton, N.J.; 5. Doug
Sherwood, Foyt, Texas; 6. Jim Hughes, Unser, Arizona; 7. Don Zrinski,
Wiggles, Pa.; 8. Glen Halbing, Toms River, N.J.; 9. Blu Metz, Letsgo,
N.Y.; 10. George Chevalier, Bill, N.J.; 11. John Leombruno, Englewood,
N.J.; 12. Brian Wagenhoffer, Butler, N.J.; 13. Kristin McKnight,
Clinton, Conn.; 14. Eddie Dietz, Cornwall, N.Y.; 15. Bob Berry, Jr.,
Glen Rock, N.J.; 16. Gary Betsy, Howardharvey, N.C.; 17. Bill Lowe III,
South Plainfield, N.J.; 18. Andy Storero, Panasonic, Pa.; 19. Bobby
Watkins, Jr., Glen, N.Y.; 20. Ron Neil, Standup, N.M.

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps) - 1. Doug Sherwood; 2. Mike Tidaback; 3. John
Leombruno; 4. George Chevalier; 5. Brian Wagenhoffer

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps) - 1. Don Adams; 2. Tim Adams; 3. Bobby Watkins,
Jr.; 4. Andy Storero; 5. Kristin McKnight

Feature (20 Laps) - 
1. Chris Olcott, Linwood, N.J.; 2. Ken McGowan, Galloway, N.J.; 3. Bruce
VanNorde, Beachwood, N.J.; 4. William Weichert, Chatham, N.J.; 5. Brian
Worth, Brick, N.J.; 6. Keith Mullineaux, Egg Harbor, N.J.; 7. Chris
Andretta, Neptune, N.J.; 8. Steve Naylor, Galloway, N.J.; 9. Jerry
Stanzione, Keansburg, N.J.; 10. Glenn Higgins, Englishtown, N.J.; 11.
Richard Cass, Jr., Cranbury, N.J.