Check out these exciting clips from the 2001 season at Thunder Road. The full length video tapes can be purchased by contacting Big Jim's Racing Videos. Just click on the links for the ones you want to see. Tell all your friends to check out the action as well!!



Clip # 1  Inverted Weiner----  Watch as Street Stock ace "Weiner" Hennequin gets a little upsidedown. Listen as Dave Moody calls the action!


Clip # 2 Logger Gets Jammed!--- See Rusty Dewees aka The Logger get jammed into the WidowMaker.


Clip # 3 Flying Weiner ----  See the Weiner catch some air!!

ADDED Nov 8, 2001

Clip #4 Is that the 91 or the 16??--- or How Not To Finish A Race!

Clip #5 Runaway Tire  ---  or Where DID I Park my car?

Clip #6 Justin Mounts Jen!--- or I can leap your car in a single bound... almost!!

ADDED Nov. 22, 2001

Clip #7  LMS Melee--- a few big names get into a lot of trouble

Clip #8  Tiger Flipping Action ---- Brian Delphi tests his roll cage.

Clip #9  Run What Ya Brung --- See some nutcase show you how NOT to do it!!

Added Dec. 6, 2001

Clip # 10 Your Limo is Waiting..... sort of! Waiting to put you in the wall maybe.

Clip #11 It's CHICKENMAN!! He's everywhere , he's everywhere... well he is in the wall hard anyway!

Clip #12 Race the Truck... people love the trucks. We love em cuz they are top heavy and flip easy!

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