photo: David Heath - NAPA Flying Tiger Mini Bowl winner Pete Ainsworth

Pete Ainsworth Takes Flying Tiger "Mini Bowl", Nolin Tops Streets

For Immediate Release TR66-093002

Barre, VT - - Pete Ainsworth parlayed his win in the first of two 25-lap segments of Sunday's NAPA Flying Tiger Mini-Bowl at Thunder Road into the overall victory despite spending much of the second half of the race bottled up in traffic at the rear of the field.

Ainsworth got no further than 19th in round two, in part because many of the top runners, including Joe Steffen, Doug Murphy, Craig Bushey, Eric Pembroke and Travis Calkins had their own problems in the first segment, and began round two near the front.

Kris Grout was the eventual runner-up after posting a 7th and a 14th for 21 points. Mike Bailey, 5th in round one ended up in third.

Ainsworth, Brian Boudreau and David Redmond ran much of the first 25-lapper nose-to-tail, followed by Davydd Welch and Bailey. Flying Tiger point leader Joe Steffen had a tire go away and spun out on lap seven and took a 26th. Calkins met the same fate, but bounced back to win segment two after taking the lead from Doug Murphy on lap six.

With round two more than half-completed the overall leader appeared to be Davydd Welch, but he began to get out of shape with a deflating tire as well. John Hayes and Steffen worked Murphy hard for second in the closing stages, but couldn't find a way around him.

Tim Campbell (12,11=23) and rookie Marc Jones (8,15=23) completed the top five. The win was the second of the year for Ainsworth and the third of his career.

Rookie Ryan Nolin of Georgia, VT won the Allen Lumber Street Stock Mini-Bowl, four points better than runner-up Brendan Moodie Jr. Nolin finished 5th and 6th in the two 20-lap segments, Moodie had a 6th and a 9th to edge third-place Ed Companion Jr by two points. Travis Paquet and Tim Spooner rounded out the top five.