T-Road Street Stock Series Finish Rearranged In Tech Line

For Immediate Release TR45-080502

Barre, VT - - Lloyd Blakely won the ACT Tri-State Street Stock Series 50-lap event Sunday at Thunder Road despite having been beaten to the finish line by Chris Hedges. Hedges had overtaken Blakely on a restart with five to go and seemingly scored a single car-length victory, but ran afoul of tech inspection.

Hedges was disqualified as a "disciplinary" action stemming from conduct in the tech line. Ed Companion Jr, third to the finish line, was also taken off the board after his intake was ruled illegal. The disqualifications moved Brady Therrien into the runner-up spot and boosted Steve Violette into third.

Blakely took the lead when Jamie Rabideau blew a tire two laps after the red flag flew for a Tim Spooner rollover. He narrowly avoided trouble on laps 44 and 45, first when an out-of-shape car crossed his path at right angles and again when David Allen spun just in front of him and brought out the final caution. Hedges quickly took over the point on the restart, only to miss "the point" in the tech line. 

Therrien and Violette in contention throughout, officially ended up second and third. Brendan Moodie Jr, from deep in the field was fourth, followed by Ryan Nolin. The second half of the top ten was Fred Fleury, Willy Hennequin, Renee Beede, Gary Bashaw and Scott Coburn.

Ryan Nolin is the unofficial ACT Tri-State Street Stock Series leader, eleven points ahead of Brendan Moodie Jr. The Series finale will take place at Airborne Raceway Saturday, August 24.