June 20, 2002

A good looking field of Tigers roars into turn 2 at Barre's High Banks.









 Everyone is itching to run to the front. So why not take it three or four wide in the process? I love watching these guys race!








Team Outside Groove driver Justin St. Louis and his good buddy Eddy Companion Jr (4) streak by like rockets! Well ok maybe, like bottle rockets but they still look like they are hauling ass here in this picture, no? :-)





Another Team Outside Groove member Jamie Rabideau (19) taking the Outside Groove on his way to the front.






Rookie Ryan Nolin pulls an Banzai move on his way to winning the Street Stock heat. He went from 4th to contending for first on this move.




  Rich Lowery (8) and Cooper MacRitchie (3) duke it out side by side early in the day.