July 25, 2002

Hey Everyone, don't forgot to go to Thunder Road and watch the Enduro on Sunday August 4th. You can root for the Outside Groove car driven by Benjamin Bushey. They are also having a Street Stock Series event there so some of the other Team Outside Groove drivers will be there as well.



We got Tigers going every which way in the first Tiger heat race of the day.








Joe Becker (25) gets hard on the binders to try and miss Ray Stearns (89) as he spins in Turn 2.








What is wrong with this picture? Yeah you guessed it. There is enough room for one more car up at the top of the track. Come on you Street Stockers show us you can run 4 wide!! :-)





Team Outside Groove driver Justin St. Louis in his new ride. Its the old 45 car of Eddy Companion Jr. It must be , what... the 16th different car Justin has driven this year?





Jamie Fisher and John Donahue ( inside) had a great battle in early heat race action. Seemed to me that Fisher may have been crowding Donahue a little on the back stretch and here John lays a fender on Jamie coming out of 4.




Congrats to Team Outside Groove driver Davydd Welch for his third place finish in the Tiger Feature. Word has it that Welch went to Groveton on Saturday and scored a Second Place trophy. So if you do the math and want to guess where he will finish on this Thursday... hmmmmmm. Best of luck Davydd, Kick some ass , ok?