Times Argus Mid Season Championships July 11, 2002


This is the last shot of Jim Cilley at Thunder Road for at least a season and a half. For those that don't know he was busted again for tire softener and on the night of his sponsors big night at Thunder Road.





Pete Ainsworth (80) putting the chrome horn to Jerry Winch (34) in the Flying Tiger heat action.








Nothing unusual here... just some Street Stockers trading paint. They are such nice drivers, eh? They let each other use their parts, their knowledge, and even the extra paint on the front fenders!







If you could not spot the Ryan Nolin car before... HOLY COW! Those gotta be the brightest numbers in all of racing! Jamie Rabideau is probably trying to get past him so he don't have to look at them anymore!




Tim Martin (5) had a great night and ran up front all night. Here he is leaning on Rookie John Donahue (27) as Sam Caron leads them through turn 4.









Jerry Lesage (74) and Rich Lowery (8) staged an incredible battle in the Semi Feature. The two dueled side by side for the pretty much the whole race.





Jerry getting a little nudge by Chris Michuad (6) as Joey Laquarre (15) looks around the outside.






Whooops! At least everyone got around them!