Fall Foliage 200 Oct. 6, 2002

Bump drafting Thunder Road style!!








Josh Lovely (54) looks like he missed his exit and is trying to make up for it!






2001 ACT Champ Pete Fecteau had a rough day. Here he is trying to get a better look at the full stands in the front stretch. Hey Pete, thats not such a good idea!





Kapt Krunch.. err I mean Kapt. Kerry Henry (32) goes for a wild ride for the third race in a row!






Up on his lid, Kerry was ok but his car was looking a it worn.... of course the car he hit don't look any better.







You think those two in the background are trying to take turn one just a little too early?








Steve McCloud (38) and Dan Bigelow (2) come together on the front stretch in front of a pack of cars... this is never a good idea.







Steve McCloud (38) says hi to the widowmaker. His hood says Perfectly Aged.... is this refering to Steve or his car?







DOH! Upside down is never a good way to end the season. Hey this car said it was for sale for $1000 before the race on the trunklid... wonder how much for it now?






 David Allen (11) blew his shot at the title by seeming find half the wrecks in the race. Here was the first one he was involved in that set him way back in the field.







Haven't we seen this before? Only thing is Super Joe did not end up on his roof when he got together with the 28 car of Tim Potter.






 My favorite run of the day was Patrick Leperle (91) who after spinning early and going a lap down briefly fought his way back on the lead lap, then up through the field on his way to a top ten finish. Great run Patrick. Is it just me or does he sound like a young Jean Paul Cabana when in victory lane??




The Fall Foliage 200 was unkind to Jamie Fisher again this year.  Jamie shot of turn 3 and into the foam barriers at quite a scarey pace. Lucky for Jamie the only thing that seemed hurt was his car. See you in 2003 Jamie, give em hell!