August 15, 2002

I hear this is gonna be the required car for Renegades at Airborne next season in an effort to cut down on tech time.






Wild Bill Sawyer (39) nudging Josh Lovley (54) out of the groove a bit in Tiger Heat race action.






Double Oh Joe Steffen (00) takes a peek under a loose Davydd Welch (23) coming out of turn 2.





Super Joe Fecteau (75) gets turned around by Bill Comi (83) as Ralph Carroll (7) slips by.






These two just kept making contact all through that turn 4 mess.







Tim Martin (5) Dave Whitcomb (25) and Dave Pembrooke (44) going three wide down the back stretch at a blistering pace!




Justin St. Louis taking the green and leading the field in the Semi Feature. Look close and you can see Bozo The Clown ( no, not Justin) hangin on for dear life on the outside of Justin's car!


Nice logo on the windsheild, eh? :-)






Rubbing is Racing!!