Green Moutain Office Machines Nite 6/28/01

Three wide Flying Tiger action was the norm during the Flying Tiger 50 Series events. This picture is from one of the heat races. Jamy Begor (19) was having trouble and slid to the rear of the field. There were about 40 or more Tigers that showed up for a piece of the action. More then a few went home unhappy.









" Hey Guys, lets try going the other way for a change!" is what it seems like Chuck Perkins (18) is saying. Everyone made it through and there was no yellow. Chuck got it turned around and back on track like nothing ever happened.








Mark Germaine (35) gets a little too high and turns it around in turn 4. He ended up parked on "The WidowMaker" but did it so well he was able to just drive off and keep racing.


Turn 4 was THE place to spin on this night. Again, everyone came out in one piece and went on to race some more. Here we have Mike " Beetle" Bailey (10) and Kevin Sorel (68) getting it pack in order after spinning out.









Tigers are not the only guys to go three wide at Thunder Road. The LMS guys, even though not the main event this night, sure work it hard even in their Heat races. Jamie Fisher (18) holds the low line coming out of turn 2 with Mark Lanphear (27) making a move in the middle and Dave Simpson (51) hanging on to the Outside Groove!







Not to be outdone the Street Stocks put on their usual action packed show. Here we got Street Stock ace Dan Nolin (79) taking the Outside Groove in turn 4! The most amazing part of this move was that it worked and he picked up a few spots.  It is not hard to see how guys that have started in this division are now running in Tigers and Late Models and doing well. They learn a lot in Streets.