Sept. 9, 2001  Parts Plus Auto Parts Season Finale

Sounding like a swarm of angry bees these Legend Cars showed up at Thunder Road for a little action of their own. If you have never seen these buggers run you would not believe how fast they are.... and how LOUD!! Maybe its the tone but these guys hurt my ears and I don't mind listening to the Late Models at all.







 Eddie Companion (45) makes it three wide in the heat race action. Eddie was on rails but must of run afoul of the rulebook as he won the Consi only to be DQed and sent to the B-Feature, where he qualified for the Main. He ended up 10th in the Feature event on this night. Not too bad all consider. Even with whatever rule he broke he drove the wheels off his car all night and made some daring moves to get to the front.





 Can you say TRAFFIC JAM!?!? Sheesh it looks like the parking lot AFTER the races!! Don't let anyone tell you that the Street Stocks don't let it all hang out. Not to often you will see two rows of three wide cars running on a track that is not as wide as Pocono.







 More three wide action, only this time face to face with the WidowMaker in turn 4. Look close at that #3 car of Justin St. Louis on the inside... look really close at the headlight cover on the drivers side... yep, thats the Outside Groove logo!! Poor Justin had some kind of major mechanical failure as the green flag fell in the Consi and got it fixed barely in time to make the B Feature where he started about 2/3's of a lap behind the entire field. Needless to say he packed up early.





What? You thought I was going to not show a little fender banging and bumper busting in the Streets this week? HA! I think not. Things were just as wild as ever. This is the start of one of those " Lets make a cloud of dust so no one can see" type wrecks.








SEE?? I told ya so!!! :-)