VT Employees Credit Union Night

Phil Scott (14) and Trampas Demers (86) go for a ride off turn 3. This was in the early heat race action. Jamie Fisher slips by underneath.






Phil Scott returns to the track under his own power in a dust storm caused by their off road excursion.







Is it just me or is there a rivalry between the 3 car of Cooper MacRitchie and veteran Joey Laquerre (15)? Every week for the last three or four these two have produced some intense battles in everything from Heats to Semis to Features. I don't know about you but I am enjoying it!!




In what was a huge upset on paper Jerry Lesage takes the checkers in the Semi Feature which had such heavy hitters as Chad Wheeler, Cris Michuad, Joey Laquerre and Rich Lowery among others. Jerry seems to be having a pretty good year.





Davydd Welch (23) gets turned around in his heat race. Everyone kept their car in one piece and Welch went on to do rather well in the Feature.





Corey Pittsley gets turned around in 4. Poor Corey still can't buy a break and ended up finishing the night minus his hood and most of his drivers side fender. I did notice a FOR SALE sign painted on the side.... any news on if Corey is moving up, down or out of racing??






Even though the car was tore up, it still ran hard and you have to admire the tenacity of Corey.







From the winner's circle last week to the spin cycle this week!! Anthony Spencer finds out the hard way why it is so tough to repeat as a winner in the Street Stock division.