Times Argus Mid Season Championship Double Points Night!


Eventual Feature winner Rich Lowery (8) leads the way in the heat race. Bill Marsha (33) getting a little loose coming out of turn 2 and Eric Williams (7) sniffing the low side. Cooper MacRitchie (3) was fast but a brush with the wall seemed to slow him for the evening. Point leader going, Cris Michaud (6) brings up the rear. Michaud had troubles in the feature and lost his point lead to Joey Laquerre.






After destroying a car a week ago, Eric Chase took his new ride out for a spin.... literally! This car looked real sharp and it was a shame to see Chase get involved in a wreck in the feature that tore up the drivers side pretty good. At least this week he was able to continue racing all night. Stick with it Eric, good days will come!








Donat Premont (06) goes from 1st place in the feature Tuesday to spinning near the rear of the back and getting hit by fellow Chrysler Lebaron driver Joe Becker (25) on Thursday.



Matt Potter (23) wanted to see the track close up I guess as he is doing his best Joey Chitwood imitation down the front stretch. Looks like one of his buddies is doing some kind of wheelie in a Mustang....don't ask me how!! The most amazing thing is everyone ended up on their wheels and kept going... no yellow!! Only in the Street Stock division does that happen!!






With what had to be the only highlight of the night for Justin St. Louis he took the field three wide coming into turn 3 and made it work as he took the lead out of 4. He lead for a couple laps and then the handle must have fallen off the car as he went back.... back....back... so far back I think he needed his own zip code.