July 22, 2001  Polaris Trophy Dash Night

 They had a kids poster contest and the turn out was pretty good. The kids were to make posters of their favorite drivers and after the winners got a trophy and some die cast car. Congrats to those that won and Outside Groove just wants to say everyone did a great job.







This crash happened in PRACTICE for the Street Stocks. The unknown to me driver of the 83 truck had his second tough night in as many tries at Thunder Road. Thursday night he hit the wall pretty hard and Sunday here, he learned why you should let off the gas when spinning in the grass. He was ok and came back out in the heat races to provide a rolling roadblock to the other races. Someone want to see if that truck is stuck in 1st gear??






Justin St. Louis (3) goes three wide in turns 1 and 2 trying to qualify for the main event. Alas poor Justin ended up missing the big race by just a hair all night and had to pack up and watch the feature from the stands with the rest of us. Keep your head up Justin!








In the Street Stocks a little leaning on the other guy is not only normal, it is expected. Heck , I think some guys set their car up so they have to lean on someone to make the corner at speed.