NAPA Make A Wish Tiger 50 Race

Jay Laquerre driving one of his dad's back ups gets turned around in a heat race. No harm done and Jay went on to finish in the top ten in the feature.









JIM, JIM.... the OTHER WAY!!!! Go the OTHER way!!! Wonder if that is what his spotter was telling Jim Cilley (68) as he got turned around backwards in turn 2?








Tim Martin (5) gets a little loose then gets a lot of out shape and then sliiiiiidddddeeess along the banking only to disappear over the bank in a huge cloud of dust. Just when Tim thinks it can't get any worse he tries to drive the car back to the pits and gets stuck on a berm.... don't you hate when that happens?? Especially when someone has a camera!!


The Flying Tigers were in town for the Tiger 50 Series. Lots of big guns were at the Road but none bigger then the black 26 of John Donahue. He was involved in not one but two early feature wrecks and still came from the back to win and win by a large margin. He you can see him on the outside of Double Oh Joe Steffen in heat race action.






Davydd Welch leads Joe Becker during their heat race.  Welch had a great run going in the the feature coming from pretty deep in the field to fourth before getting tangled in the first of many wrecks that he just got a piece of but thankfully did not sustain any damage. Look for him to be a threat in the future.




This picture by Leif Tillotson has BGNN point leader Mike Olson trying out his new ACT Late Model and finding it is a little different animal. Olson gathered it up after this little slide but he was never a factor in the race. Look forward to seeing him run again next Thursday.