August 23, 2001 Routhier Quick Lube & Auto Salon Flying Tiger 50


John Langlois leads Davydd Welch through the corners in early action. Welch has made good strides this year in becoming a solid Tiger Driver. Would not surprise me to see him win a couple of features next year.







 Double Oh Joe Steffen takes the Outside Groove to move by Doug Murphey (4) as Pete Potvin ( 11) watches.







Corey Pittsley (48) and Tim Campbell (85) go for a wild ride off turn 3 as the rest of the field streaks by.





 Garrett Hartwell (56) goes sideways with a little.... ok with a lot of help from his fellow Street Stockers.








 William "The Wiener" Hennequin does his impression of Kevin Harvick... the only trouble was Harvick does his burnouts when he wins. Poor Wiener got spun out and this was part of his recovery.... if you can call it that!







  In lieu of the lack of LMS pictures this week. ( sorry but it was overcast and the darkness was murder on my camera... this photo was one of the last that came out.) I offer you an up close and blown up view of your average Street Stock melee... ok so it was below average, what can I say? The Streets are getting too racy and the big wrecks are getting rare!