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Eric Williams (7) giving Dave Whitcomb a heck of a challenge in the early action. Whitcomb came out on top in this heat race. 








The action was ALMOST as hot as the weather. With the temps in the 99 degree range and the humidity up so high you could wear it like a suit, it is a wonder the drivers tempers were not flaring as well. Maybe everyone was just too dog tired from fighting the loose cars all day to want to fight after a racing incident. The Flying Tiger heats saw a lot of cars get out of shape but nothing like their feature which saw three cars flip in just a matter of 6 laps!! Now if only my camera would take night shots!




With the Street Stock 50 Series going on this Thursday you saw a LOT of street stockers in the pits. I think the count was around 65 or so. A lot of new faces for local guys like Super Joe Fecteau (75) to race with and sometimes make contact with.






This is why they call them the Crunch Bunch!!! Three wide?? Make that Two and One Half Wide!!! CRUNCH!!!







Heard of getting your doors blown off, but sheesh this is crazy!!!!







And now the picture everyone was waiting for...... thanks to Leif Tillotson for this picture of Justin St. Louis and his attempt at being a member of Joey Chitwood's Thrill Show!! Justin got up on top of Jen Bigelow and somehow turned her over and almost climbed over her in the process. Jen was pretty peeved at the whole thing. Both drivers were fine and they will be back at it again in no time.