August 16, 2001  Photos by Leif Tillotson unless otherwise noted.

Like any normal night at Thunder Road the Flying Tigers take it three deep coming out of turn 4. Sometimes though this is NOT the hot setup!  ( photo by Gene Gagne)




Reno Gervais ( against wall) Brian Boudreau and Brian Delphia are 3-wide crossing the line in their Heat








Brian is sideways heading towards turn 1








Brian flipped wildly in turn 1







From another angle you can see how torn up Brian's car was. They built this one tough however as the driver not only walked away, he was some pissed and ready to open a can of whoopass on someone! (photo by Gene Gagne)








His destroyed car lies against the fence.






The twisted aftermath gets towed away. Brian ( miraculously) qualified for the feature as he crossed the line before the wreck begane. He ran in the feature ( sans sheet metal)  and with a new radiator!!!