38th Annual Milk Bowl Sept. 29-30, 2001

There were lots of drivers doing their best to represent the USA in response to all the tragedy in the past weeks. In my opinion none were better looking then Dave Wilcox.








Youngster Adam Pierson found out early on Saturday that Thunder Road can be harsh, even if your the Bear Ridge CoupChampion at age 17. The kid showed spirit though and came back for more.







 Justin St. Louis (3) takes the low road to avoid the mess that Super Joe Fecteau (75) can't seem to.









 Poor Old Super Joe..... his day ... aww heck, his weekend just did not go well at all. While his brother had great success in the LMS races Joe just kept being in the wrong places at the wrong times. By the end of the weekend he was lucky to have any sheet metal left on his car. Sorry to hear about the passing of Joe and Pete Fecteau's father on the Friday before the Milk Bowl.




The 60 of Fred Dezan ( making a start in a Tiger rather then his Street Stocker this week) and the 17 of Dick Lowery get tangled on the front stretch during  the Mini Milk Bowl.