The Outside Groove website does not at this time wish to have a message board of their own. The reason being is there are many fine message boards on the internet that would suit most anyone. We figure there is not much sense wasting time trying to lure people to yet another board when we could be sending them to the existing boards and making those boards even better. So without further adieu here are our favorites and a brief description.

The message board for North East Racing News is pretty much the best for all around coverage in the Northeast area. They talk about BNS, PASS, ACT, as well as others. Many actual drivers and crew members post as well. They have rules so please read them before you post.  Here are the rules for posting there. - The thatsracin home page The Thats Racin message board is a pretty good spot to discuss Winston Cup racing as well as topics that range from super technical to some that make you wonder if your actually at a Motorsports Message board. You must register to use this forum.


The new message board is devoted to that series... duh! This is a new board and could use some more posters. I believe you can register if you want but don't have to. There are some rules but they are pretty basic. Check them out if you have the time.

The Raceway Media forum used to be a lot more diverse. I am not sure what happened to it. If anyone knows fill me in. Either way its yet another board to check out.


RacingNews.Org  has a message board as well. Topics here are anything race related. Sounds like fun, check them out. Here is a direct link to the board.


  More message boards coming soon! If you have a favorite you want to see listed here, drop me an email and tell me.