When the day started at Thunder Road for the Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic it look as though we were in for another rainout. The race was postpone one time already as Memorial Day weekend was not kind to area racing. This shot is when the weather started clearing up, believe it or not.

We were pulling hard that the pace car could sling shot his way past the ambulance in turn 4 and take the win but it was not to be.

They did a great job of drying the track after the two hours or so of rain and they got the show going by around 3:30pm and wasted no time getting the fans home at a decent time. Kudos to the gang at Thunder Road.





 As you can see from this picture of the first heat race of the day, there was plenty of standing water around the track. Makes for an interesting race when you know if you hit the grass your going for a heck of a ride!!!










Reno Gervais (12) got a little out of shape coming out of turn 4 and looped around. He got a piece of the wall and Joe Steffan (00) just snuck by.






Look close and you can see some of the 4 wide racing action that makes Thunder Road the Nations Site of Excitement.