Its Josh Erwin again with an update on the Silly Season for Thunder Road. My sources say that the very talented driver that hails from Middlesex VT is coming back to the Napa Flying Tigers. The Driver Iím talking about is the 2 Time Thunder Road and Airborne champion Jimmy Young. Iíve heard he is driving the #91 Flying Tiger of Kent Shortz. As you know Corey Pittsley has moved up to LMS this season. I am told he has traded his Tiger with motor to Chuck Beede for a rolling chassis. The Tiger he traded is gonna be used by one of Chucks daughters. Josh Lovely sold his last year Tiger car to Terry Pearce Jr. Terry was planning on running in the Tiger division this year trying to win the Rookie of the year but sources say he will not able to because he didnít know that Tigers cost so much to run and plus heís without a motor. Justin Hart will be racing his Uncle Rodney Harts Tiger car. Fred Dezan bought Chip Greniers last year Tiger car. Chip has kept the Mike Rollins Tiger car to make a bid for the 2002 Tiger Championship. Adam Pierson has bought his Uncle "Fast" Eddie Pattersons Tiger car. He ran the milk bowl in the car last year and would have been a strong contender for the mini milk bowl but was caught up in a wreck. Iím glad to say that I am happy for Mark "The Hammer" Barnier has moved back to the Tiger division. Look for him to be a contender for the Championship. Marc Jones bought John Donahue's Napa Flying Tiger last year and is looking to make a bid on the Rookie of the year for 2002. Old man Pearce has stepped down from driving to help his boy Zac Pearce be a contender for the Rookie of the year in Street Stock. Dan Nolin has also stepped down from driving to help his son Ryan Nolin be a contender for the Rookie of the year in Street Stock. Iíve seen Ryan race a couple races at Riverside speedway in Groveton, NH and he smoked the field. Look forward to seeing the #72 Tiger run strong this year. Please check out to help out Justin and his crew, choose the new for his car for the 2002 season. I would like to say good luck to all the Rookies for the 2002 season in all divisions. I hope you have enjoyed this information on whatís going on for the 2002 season. Eddie Austin good luck in Penn and donít be a stranger to the shop.