Date: October 17, 2002 Release: Immediate

Contact: Brian Hanaford (603) 968-7433 E-Mail

Stub Fadden & "Dynamite" Dave Dion visit NESN's "Front Row" winter sports magazine 6 times during month of November on "Dan Egan's "Wild World Of Winter" 

Fadden & Dion share American Spectator Driving Challenge at Canaan USA Speedway October 19 with Extreme skier Adam DeLaries and East Coast Freeride Champion Asia Magriby. Delaries is ranked second in the World and will film Asia driving a Cumberland Farms sponsored Monte Carlo racecar, after the two receive one-on-one instructions from Dion & Fadden. 

Hanaford Associates American Spectator Driving Challenge tours the Northeast delivering driving experiences in a real racecar on a real race track. Drivers like Todd Aldrich, Flyin Ryan Archambult, David Avery, Tracy Bellerose, Burt Gilburt, Mike Olson, Dave Pembrook, Bill Penfold, Paul Richardson, Larry Silver, Phil Scot, Davyyd Welch, & Paul Wolfe have instructed for American Spectator Driving Challenge. Hanaford explains, "Dion Brothers & Fadden racing helped get this program get off the ground, and their still helping as much as they can. They shared the experience with Olympic Silver medalist Body Miller, and always over deliver! "
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